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Introduction to smarter pricing

It's easy to think the only way to make more money is to make and sell more frames.

It's a simple enough conclusion, work harder and make more money.

However this approach could send you on a downward spiral of being overworked and stessed, and offering poor customer service. What if there is a smarter way of achieving a better income without working harder?

What if there is a way to make more money without having to buy in more stock, without having to work extra hours and by having a more relaxed and fruitful interaction with your customers?

I know it sounds to good to be true, but stick with me. With some practical pricing knowledge you can easily build a more profitable business and therefore, a more professional and relaxed business. One that allows you to truly realise the freedom of being self employed.

These articles explore the often misunderstood and hidden cost of labour. How to reliably calculate your business overheads into the manufacture of the frame, and provide sensible guidance on applying a mark-up that is sustainable for your business, whilst ensuring your customers see good value for money.

No black magic, just sound knowledge that will allow you to build a better business for you and your customers.

Take your time going through the articles (come back to them when you need to). I recommend starting with Labour and working your way across to Markups. Even if you're experienced with pricing you may find some helpful tips.

Happy framing